Duct Tape and Digital Transformation.


Management guru Peter Drucker told us that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner”. Merely owning and implementing technology is not enough to deliver business advantage. Transformation comes from the changes to the business enabled by the technology, not from the technology itself.

A recent Deloitte article made me aware of the affordances principle. The term affordances was created by psychologist James J. Gibson to describe the possible ways that humans or other animals can interact with their environment. An affordance perspective suggests that people and information technology are fundamentally intertwined with one another. Technology changes the possible actions of people and organizations, while the ways in which people and organizations use technology change the effects of the technology in practice. Deloitte therefore recommends organisations to consider technologies as duct tape for digital transformation.


Success is 80% about people, 15% about processes, and 5% about technology. Don’t get distracted by new shiny objects. Focus on changing people and culture.

You don´t have to take everybody on this journey. Find the change agenda and focus on these. Give them resources and support. Help them succeed.
— Dion Hinchcliffe, VP at Constellation Research
Atle Skjekkeland