Psychologists and therapists [without violating patient privacy] document that “digitization” in general and associated “digital technologies” in particular have been a recurring source of executive strategic angst. In sequence C-Suites have feared being:

“Kodak-ed” [i.e., failing to jump to the next technological wave];

“Netflix-ed” [i.e., failing to adapt to changing customer buying patterns];

“Amazon-ed” [i.e., having digital competitors render product/services irrelevant];

“TESLA-ed” [i.e., having charismatic outsiders co-opt critical destination points on digital horizon];

“UBER-ed” [i.e., offering sub-par customer experiences]; and most recently

“AI-ed” [i.e., having algorithmic competitors outsmart incumbent offerings]

How do you avoid this? Download the Digital Value Institute’s 4-step roadmap for establishing a digital strategy.


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